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New WELL Resources

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All resources will be available as a free download from this website following release in October 2014.

In August 2013, I received resource development funding under the WELL (Workplace English Language and Literacy) Program to develop a suite of resources about informal learning and LLN skills in work based learning (WELLRES13044).  The suite of resources includes a DVD, Facilitator Guide, LLN Matrix and Learner Guide.  It provides a learning framework, facilitation strategies and practical hints about how to overcome some of the challenges we face in facilitating learning in the workplace.

The aim of the suite of resources is to:

Due for completion and release in October 2014, the resources will be available for free, however, the funding only allows for a limited production run of the DVD.  The LLN Matrix is included in the suite of resources and can be downloaded for use.  The DVD demonstrates how to use the LLN Matrix and the facilitator and learner guides provide detailed information about the LLN Matrix.

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