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Developing skills and improving career pathways

Out of the training room

Learning in the workplace is different to learning at a TAFE or RTO. We can’t just take our best practices from classroom based learning and transfer these to the workplace. We have to think beyond the idea that people can only learn by being taught. To be effective, facilitators of LLN skills in the workplace require an understanding of the daily work tasks, procedures and routines, to contextualise and integrate the learning program with the objectives and needs of management and staff.

Every workplace has its own unique literacy and numeracy. We can only become familiar with this literacy and numeracy if we leave the company training room and spend time with staff as they complete their daily work tasks. This will enable us to target the specific LLN skills required by staff to build their skills and confidence.

Teachable moments and training opportunities

Teachable moments are opportunities to engage in teaching and learning at the time that skills are required. Refer to unique moments when a particular interest or skill need arises that we can use to develop new skills. These moments in the workplace occur as we engage in our regular work activities. A teachable moment might be described as:

When the timing is right, the ability to learn a particular task will be possible. This is referred to as a 'teachable moment.'  It is important to keep in mind that unless the time is right, learning will not occur. Hence, it is important to repeat important points whenever possible so that when a student's teachable moment occurs, s/he can benefit from the knowledge. Havinghurst (1952, p.7).

(Reference: Havighurst, Robert James, (1952). Human Development and Education. New York: Longmans, Green.)