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Developing skills and improving career pathways

A example...

David is a process worker in a manufacturing business. David’s daily work tasks include having to read job sheets to identify job specifications, materials and quantities needed for the production run. David struggles to read the job sheets and is often seen at the job board in the office struggling to understand the work orders.

Formal/Training room-based model

Teachable moment/training opportunity

Lucy is a workplace LLN practitioner. She has arranged training sessions on reading and interpreting job orders for 10am in the training room. David is unable to attend as he is too busy. He is often behind in his work as it takes him longer to interpret the orders.

David misses out on this learning opportunity.

Lucy is a workplace LLN practitioner. She leaves the training room and goes to the office so that she can be near the job board to assist staff to read the job sheets as they need to complete their work orders. She can see that David is taking a long time to read through the job sheet and offers her assistance (the training opportunity). She assists David to read the job sheet at the time that he requires the skill (the teachable moment).

David does not miss out on the learning opportunity.